Our Procedures


What is this procedure?

It is a surgery that treats changes in size, shape or position of the chin. Mentoplasty focuses on patients with all types of cases from an undeveloped chin to having a prominent chin. For both situations, there are certain recommended surgical techniques.

  • Chin augmentation: It is recommended as appropriate, to use a prosthesis, this one is inserted through a small incision in the mucosa.
  • Chin advance: The bone moves exactly to correct the defect.
  • Infiltration of fat tissue: Injection of fat tissue of the patient.

What are its benefits?

  • Correcting imbalances of the face.
  • Unanimity in the face.
  • Balanced profile.
  • The neckline and the chin are completely defined and shaped.

If you wish to contact Dr. Zapata, you can request an appointment by calling (57 2) 660 25 67 in Cali, Colombia or you can also reach us via the contact form on the website.

Do not forget that Dr. Zapata is certified by the Colombian Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery.

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