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Facial Surgery

Lip enhancement

This procedure is very asked by women who wish to enhance and give volume to their lips. The result of the surgery is to provide an aesthetic and harmonious appearance of sensuality and attraction to this area.


The purpose of this surgery is to remove or resect the Bichat bags in the patient. The result of this, is the profiling of the face since in many cases these bags excess shows in patients, an aspect of obesity, facial aging or imbalance.


This surgery is also known as Eyelid Surgery. It is a procedure in which the youthful appearance is returned to the eyes and eyelids by removing excess skin and fat. Eyes recover the awake, lively and healthy as ever, image.


The forehead lift returns a youthful appearance to the face. This procedure improves the position of the eyebrows and eliminates fine lines marked in this area.

Facial lifting

Also known as rhytidectomy, this surgery is recommended to remove wrinkles, sagging skin, fatty deposits and other visible signs of aging. Its purpose is to precisely give the face and neck a younger and healthier appearance.


It is a surgery that treats changes in size, shape or position of the chin. Mentoplasty focuses on patients with all types of cases from an undeveloped chin to having a prominent chin. For both situations, there are certain recommended surgical techniques.


The ears are a prominent feature of the face and precisely contribute to the harmony of it, patients flock to this procedure frequently. This surgery is highly recommended for children under four years that have, since birth or from an accidental injury, deformities of the ears.


Nose surgery has two main purposes. The first is functional and focuses on the correction of the nasal structures that somehow can cause respiratory problems. The second purpose is aesthetic and it is to give the patient a balance in their facial features (nose and chin).

Facial Liposculpture

This technique is intended to correct the signs of aging that occur as the thinning of facial tissues, therefore making the patient look more gaunt and tired.
The facial lipostructure aims to modify the anatomy of the face.

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