What is pressotherapy?

It is a technique that consists of the application of positive pressure, generated by a device, on different areas of the body, with the aim of promoting the circulation of blood and lymphatic flow. The device consists of a set of separate air chambers that are placed around the areas and extremities where you want to apply pressure. The chambers are continuously inflated and deflated, exerting a pumping effect on the lymphatic vessels and the circulatory system.

The benefits of improving lymph circulation lie in the fact that it is responsible for transporting waste and toxins generated in the process of nutrition of the cells to the bloodstream, which later takes them to the excretory system for elimination. Sometimes, the lymph does not circulate adequately in specific points of the lymphatic vessels and produces edema, which favors the accumulation of fat and hinders the natural regeneration of tissues.

What are the benefits of Pressotherapy?

By improving the circulation of the lymphatic system and the bloodstream, pressotherapy has a series of positive effects that affect different parts of the body:

  • Improves the appearance of the skin and fights cellulite.
  • Fight high blood pressure.
  • Helps eliminate toxins.
  • Relieves fatigue and heaviness in the extremities.
  • Eliminates edema and lymphoedema.
  • Strengthens the muscular system.
  • Relieve the stress.
  • It increases the body’s defenses.

Dr. Jaime Alberto Zapata is a Titular Member of:

  • Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery.
  • Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery.
  • Ibero-American Society of Plastic Surgery.