Facial Surgery

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Facial surgery

Facial Lipostructure

The purpose of the facial lipostructure is to modify the anatomy of the face. This procedure is surgical and consists of filling the depressions of the face that originate over the years.

facial lipostructure
facial lipostructure procedure

Nose surgery


Nose surgery has two main purposes. The first is functional and focuses on correcting nasal structures that somehow cause respiratory problems. And the second purpose is aesthetic and consists of providing the patient with a balance in their facial features (nose and chin).

nose surgery rhinoplasty
nose rhinoplasty

Lip Surgery


This is a procedure widely consulted by women who want to enhance and give volume to the lips. The result is to aesthetically and harmoniously provide a more sensual and attractive appearance for the patient in this area.

lip surgery cheiloplasty

Cheek Surgery


The purpose of this surgery is to remove or reduce the Bichat Bags in the patient. The result is the outlining of the face since in many cases, the excess of these bags gives patients an aspect of obesity, old age or facial imbalance.

bichectomy cheek surgery
bichectomy cheek surgery

Eyelid surgery


Also known as Eyelid Surgery. It is a procedure that restores a youthful appearance to the eyes, removing excess skin and fat from the eyelids. The eyes recover their usual awake, animated and provides a healthy image.

blepharoplasty eyelid surgery
blepharoplasty eyelid surgery


Also known as Rhytidectomy. It is a recommended surgery to eliminate wrinkles, sagging skin, fat deposits or other visible signs of the passage of time. Its purpose is precisely to provide the face and neck with a younger and healthier appearance.

face lift
face lift

Chin surgery


It is the surgery that treats changes in the size, shape or position of the chin. Mentoplasty focuses on patients who present with cases with an underdeveloped chin or a prominent chin. For both issues there are recommended surgical techniques.

chin surgery mentoplasty
chin surgery mentoplasty

Forehead Surgery


Frontoplasty or forehead lift restores the youthful appearance of the forehead. This procedure improves the position of the eyebrows and eliminates the marked expression lines in this area.

Ear surgery


The ears are an outstanding feature of the face and precisely contribute to its harmony, patients frequently go for this procedure. This surgery is highly recommended for boys and girls under four years of age who present injuries or deformations of the ears from birth or accidents.

Dr. Jaime Alberto Zapata is a member of:

  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • Colombian Society of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery
  • Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery
  • FILACP Ibero-Latin American Federation of Plastic Surgery
  • ISAPS International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
jaime zapata md plastic surgeon member of the best surgical societies
natural results in plastic surgery performed by jaime zapata md plastic surgeon colombia

Surgical Plan Includes:

  • Pre-anesthetic consultation.
  • Surgical Complications Policy.
  • Surgical procedures.
  • Fees Plastic Surgeon, Anesthesiologist, Surgical Instrumentalist, Surgical Room and Recovery Room Nurses.
  • Clinic and Surgery Room.
  • Postoperative Treatment.

Pre-Surgical Considerations:

  1. Depending on the surgical procedure to be performed, you should consider a stay in
    Cali, Colombia. Adequate follow-up and postoperative management should be done,
    medical supervision to avoid or treat complications.
  2. Post-surgical stay plans will be priced and must be paid prior to the
    performance of the procedure. Depending on the type of surgery, this may be performed taking into
    account your physical and emotional state of health, always with the approval of the plastic
  3. Depending on your place of origin and travel time, a process of
    adaptation from 1 to 3 days is recommended.
  4. The previous medical examinations must be taken by the patient in his place of residence
    at least 20 days in advance and must be sent by email to our
    Medical Director at drjaime4zapatamd@hotmail.com
  5. The values will be quoted in Colombian pesos or in dollars and will be settled in pesos according to
    the exchange rate on the day of payment. If the payment is with cash this does not apply.
  6. Payment must be made upon arrival in Cali, Colombia.
  7. The means of payment are cash and credit or debit cards (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS OR DINERS). Card payments have a 5% surcharge.

Steps to follow for the Pre-Surgical process:

  1. The previous medical examinations requested by Dr. Zapata must be taken by the
    patient in their place of residence at least 20 days in advance and must be sent by
    email to drjaime4zapatamd@hotmail.com
  2. Schedule date to perform procedure.
  3. Send proof of Covid-19 PCR, 4 days before the procedure.
  4. Depending on your place of origin and travel time, a process of
    adaptation from 1 to 3 days is recommended.
  5. Request an appointment for a pre-anesthetic consultation.