Endymed 3DEEP ™ ️

What is the Endymed 3DEEP ™ ️?

With the passage of time our skin loses firmness, its quality and quantity of collagen fibers that give structure and elasticity decreases. This is enhanced by exposure to the sun, stretching caused by pregnancy and weight fluctuation, stretch marks and cellulite.

The results are smoother skin and a more attractive contour through collagen stimulation. The heat penetration achieved by 3DEEP RF technology reaches the deep dermis and sub-dermal layers providing firmness and body contouring.

What are the benefits of Endymed 3DEEP ™ ️?

    • Body rejuvenation,
    • Flaccidity
    • Decreases cellulite
    • Stretch marks
    • Body contour

Dr. Jaime Alberto Zapata is a Titular Member of:

  • Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery.
  • Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery.
  • Ibero-American Society of Plastic Surgery.