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Accent Ultra - Dr. Jaime Zapata MD

Accent Ultra

What is Accent Ultra?

Accent technology uses the energy of unipolar (RF) technology to stimulate collagen production, tighten skin, increase lymphatic drainage and remove excess fat safely and effectively.

It safely passes through the epidermis and dermis to reach the subcutaneous fat, in order to perform a selective, precise and effective body remodeling treatment.

What are the benefits of Accent Ultra?

    • Selectively reduces localized fat
    • Visibly improving body contour
    • Significantly improves the appearance of cellulite skin
    • Regenerates collagen, tightens the skin and eliminates sagging
    • Perform a lifting effect without surgery

Dr. Jaime Alberto Zapata is a Titular Member of:

  • Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery.
  • Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery.
  • Ibero-American Society of Plastic Surgery.